Aviation Solutions GSA Group was founded in July 2009 as a 100% neutral Cargo General Sales Agent. Headquartered in Thailand, it has branches in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia,  India and Philippines.

We offer the following services:

Sales and Marketing •Targeted sales strategy, providing coverage to an established client base across the region
•A comprehensive marketing plan to continually promote and raise awareness of the airline
•Regular analysis of the market, tracking of statistical data and compilation of airline reports to enhance the making of informed decisions
Operations and Customer Service •Efficient and experienced operations team providing a high standard of customer service
•Bookings, reservations and track and trace services
•Experienced staff aimed with the full working knowledge of special cargo requirements
Finance and Information Technology •Strong emphasis on punctual and accurate payments on the agreed terms
•Increased transparency of regular financial reporting to the airline, aiding in better informed decisions
•Ensuring that quality services are provided by staying on the cutting edge of technology and ensuring the up to date use of communication tools and technology